What’s the Booster M2 Massage Gun used for?

Relaxing tight muscles, knots, cramps and spasms
Breaking up scar tissue
Reducing muscle soreness, pains and tension
Improving range of motion
Deep tissue stimulation
Improved blood circulation
Accelerated muscle recovery
Stress & anxiety relief


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What is Smart-Hit Technology

The latest smart hitting control technology. Real time monitoring of the pressure imposed by user along with quick adjustment of motor torque and speed, bring you seamless switching of the speed and intensity.

Why do so many people swear by the Booster M2 Massage Gun?

Its quieter than an Electric Toothbrush, at only 55dB of sound when in use.
Its POWERFUL. With an engine of 125watts, it is considered a commercial grade massage gun.
It massages 20% deeper than consumer grade massagers. Most massage guns only provide an amplitude of 10mm which only offers vibration therapy. With the Booster M2, you have 12mm of amplitude making this a percussive massage gun.
It has 8 speeds. Most massage guns only have around 3-5 speeds. With the Booster M2 you have 8 speeds to choose from.
Its intuitive. The Booster M2 has a proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligent) technology which provides a speed level and vibration technique in tune with how you are using. Think of this like your very own masseuse who knows exactly how you like to be massaged!
Its lightweight. At only 1.1kgs it is lightweight and portable so you can have massages on the go.
It comes with a 18 month warranty which means your purchase is compete risk free.


2 reviews for Booster 12V LCD Display Massage Gun M2 for Full Body Deep Tissue

  1. Luis

    It works wonderfully! Better than expected. My brother bought one last month in the mall for $160 and this one works just as well.

  2. AndrewSport

    Quality massager, strong. Fast shipping.

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